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Learn craniomandibular orthodontics to separate you from all other orthodontic providers!

Invite to our Gum Metal Edgewise Archwire COURSES

It is exciting to invite you all to the second " Non surgical orthodontics using Gum Metal Edgewise Archwire orthodontic technique" course in Dallas Texas from 

October 5th to 6th, 2019!

This course will be lectured by Dr. Roberto Velasquez, MS, PhD.  Dr. Velasquez is one of the pioneers developing the protocols for gum metal archwire technique applying Prof. Sadao Sato's treatment philosophy since it was first introduced in the early 2000's and has an extensive record treating the most severe skeletal disharmonies without jaw surgery.

About the program


This orthodontic course is addressed to dental professionals providing orthodontic services who wish to upgrade their practice by offering a non surgical orthodontic treatment approach for skeletal disharmony cases such as under bites, open bites and facial asymmetry. This course allows clinicians to orthodontically treat complex cases  program allows clinicians to achieve predictable dentistry and to do more complex cases. In order to obtain long-term treatment success in all disciplines of dentistry, complete diagnostic information about the patient’s masticatory system and functional state is essential. This course teaches the paradigm shift from single tooth treatment approach to comprehensive, evidence based diagnostics and interdisciplinary therapy. 


About Us


Functional Orthodontics

"Life does not care about form. Life only cares about function". Prof. R. Slavicek. Dental malocclusions through the lens of function can be viewed.  Any living organism Masticatory organ fallows to be humanis the most important organ within the human body. Mastica as it   educating you with MEAW and GEAW functional orthodontic technique based on Prof. Sadao Sato philosophy.


Interdisciplinary Approach

In order to achieve ideal masticatory organ function and stable orthodontic results, we emphasize the need of a multidisciplinary approach.  We work closely with integrative Doctors of physical therapy, optometry, myofunctional therapist and beyond to restore the entire body.



Our Mission

To provide orthodontist and dentist supporting scientific knowledge and skills to treat patients with skeletal dysharmony (class II, III, open bite, facial asymmetry) and TMJ dysfunction through a non surgical, no splint, no bicuspid extraction approach.

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